Tablet Pressing Machine

Single-Sided Rotary Tabletting Machine

1. The whole equipment adopts stainless hard chromium treatment and SUS304# coating, which in accordance with C.G.M.P requirements.
2. This equipment can easily realize tablet pressing for western and Chinese traditional medicine, health food, aquatic products (such as plum cakes and fish meal cakes) etc. that are hard to be pressed, the hardness of the tablet can reach 15 kg/m².
3. Max capacity : 420 granules/min.
4. Provided with LED display for RPM and weight indicator, the hardness complies...

Rotating Double-Deck Tablet Pressing Machine

The whole machine is through treatment of anti-rustiness hard chromium and SUS304# coating. It fits actual requirement of CGMP.

DY-T-1 Single Press Experimental Device

Forming sheet diameter 3-20mm
Maximum filling depth of 16mm
There are 10mm round molds in the machine.
Maximum output: 50 pcs / min
Shield production space
Mechanical with motor 2HP motor, voltage AC
220V/60HZ single item (can be specified by the customer)
Mechanical weight 300 kg
Current used (AC 220V 60HZ-6-10A 50HZ 9-13A)
Mechanical size 56 cm wide x 76 cm deep x 129 cm high