About Us

CGMP and its professional production equipment of pharmacy
The company has implemented validation on various kinds of equipment (IQ) and operations (OQ), etc.


  1. CGMP and its professional machines
  2. Chemical pharmacy, chemical machines
  3. Scientific Chinese traditional medicine biotechnology
  4. Health food, cosmetic lotions and creams
  5. Tablet forming machine for labs
  6. Whole plant production flow

Our company produces the pharmaceutic, food, chemicals and other related equipments.

Our company offers the services from materials, products, whole-plantplaning, producing process, skills-teaching-setting and after-sale services.

Fixative : mix, granulation, classifying, tableting, powder-removing, sugar coating, coating, grain-  couting   machine , aluminum packaging, capsule filling, PTP packer. 
Liquid :  The manufacture of 316L acid-base-fast vapor cooling tiers tank, mixing & emulsifying tank, storage &  dispense  tank, liquid filling  and  semi-solid  filling  , etc .