Palletizing Machine

Traditional Horizontal High-Speed Palletizing Machine

This equipment is a high-speed mixing palletizing machine, multiple main gradients, excipients, starch, pigments and adhesives are put into the barrel together and fully even mixing will be completed in 3~5 minutes, then add some water or alcohol into the mixture for granulation of wet granules in another 3~5 minutes.

Vertical Type Super Mixer

This machine adopts the patented construction and is provided with a barrel end arc, there’s fully vacuum in the barrel, the angle rotation speed of blades forms turbine tumbling, materials for mixing and granulation are floating on the blades, ensuring high evenness of mixing and granulation, the axial seat and spindle blades leave no contamination on the barrel cover, a patented blade powder discharging structure is also provided, adopting the interlayer design, the barrel is capable of cooli...

Automatic Production Line Installed With Feeding And Discharging System

Application :
This equipment is suitable for mixing and granulation in automatic flows, such as preparations of Western medicines, scientific Chinese traditional medicines, concentrated paste and gradulation, health food, chemical products and materials, powderded soap and toxic substances, etc.
It performs better for processes of dry and wet granulation, heating and cooling granulation of high-adhesion materials that are hard to be treated.